You know whats better than cleaning your camera lens, packing up your bags, loading up a car and heading North with your good friend to capture the city of Montreal? Having full access to Car2go new Mercedes CLA 250 for the weekend. I mean seriously, pushing the start button, hearing the engine turn over and that Mercedes logo display on our dashboard….. incredible! 

Taking 3 days to learn a little bit about Montreal history and eating some really amazing food all while photographing the city was not enough time, but we did try our best to capture the importance of Montreal. Take a look at what I was able to capture throughout the city!

Thanks again Car2go for the great experience!

Never Bonded with Cereal

Growing up we always had a few boxes of cereal in the house and for some reason, it was always on top of the fridge. 

No one in the house was big on eating cereal, but if we had fruity pebbles, I use to let it sit in the milk for about two minutes so it gets soggy, or frosted flakes, always added extra sugar because why not), I was all for it. Part of me stayed away from cereal because I never liked milk and milk never liked me and mostly because cereal is just overrated. You have to eat 4 to 5 bowls of cereal just to get full, be a mathematician to get the milk to cereal ratio correct, the extra sprinkle dust at the end of bag annoyed me smh and their toys were always trash at the end of the bag. 

Enough of my rant on why I never bonded with cereal, here are some of my photos I played around with shooting Froot Loops. 

Sidenote: If you drink a glass milk just to quench your thirst I honestly believe you are part demon and part demon. No judging though.

*All photos were shot and edited by me*

Love for the Court

This Spring/Summer will make 3 years since I suffered from my 3rd concussion, within a matter of 5 to 6 months, and a sprained neck all for the love of basketball. The first year I experienced serve headaches that kept me from walking at times and lack of neck movement, the second year I made the decision to focus solely on Photography and not “risk” another injury. Two years of not playing a single game of basketball was hell for me and the constant thought of playing creeping in the back of my mind was no help; so I finally answered those voices.

On March 8th I decided it was time to throw on a white tee, grab my basketball shorts and lace up the sneaks and play the sport I loved since I was a kid. Although I was rusty and out of breath, it felt great to hear a basketball bouncing, sneakers squeaking on the floor, the hard fouls and most importantly the shit talking coming out of peoples mouth; especially mine. The images below is my celebration of my return to playing a game I can never get tired of, a game that causes pain but takes away pain all in one, a game that I will risk another injury for all because I love the court. 

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