Bridgeport’s Community Farm

On August 30th I received an e-mail from a friend and member of Green Village Initiative, who had asked me if I can spare some of my time on September 22nd to photograph their Harvest Festival event. 

Now I have to be honest, I was very hesitant to say yes. When I received the e-mail I was on the 100Praise Tour, a 2 week tour across the east coast and midwest, with Daniel and Gary and we were getting ready to head back home to an already busy schedule. However I took a moment to review their website and was blown away by what a small community farm does for the city of Bridgeport. With that said I gladly responded and accepted.

On September 22nd I watched Bridgeport residents welcome themselves to a community farm where they shared laughs, listened to music, and enjoyed the food distributed by Green Village Initiative caring members.

If you would like to visit or volunteer your time growing vegetables/fruits please visit Green Village Initiative.

Raising Daughters

I had the chance to meet and talk with Natalie Cotto, a mother of two beautiful daughters, whose mission is to give her daughters the world; no matter the obstacles she faces.

I was lucky to have Natalie welcome me into her home and spend the day with her and her daughters, in hopes to learn what it takes to be a strong mother. 

Now I get the to share Natalie’s story and image with you. I hope you enjoy.

Who is Natalie?

I’ve been stuck on this answer for quite sometime now because other than being a mom I’m still trying to find myself. 

How many kids do you have and how old are they?

I have two beautiful girls. My oldest daughter is Nina, she is nine (9) years old and my youngest is Bailey, she is one (1) years old

How old were you when you had Nina and Bailey?

I was 18 when I had Nina and 26 when I had Bailey 

What is your greatest memory with Bailey and Nina so far?

Everyday I wake up and learn something new with these girls. I have so many good memories with them both it’s hard to pick. Watching these girls grow into these lil humans is the most amazing feeling ever. 

What important life lesson has Nina and Bailey taught you?

They have really taught me so many things that I thought I didn’t have patience for. Love is to never be taken for granted . 

May I ask if your daughters father is in the picture?

Yes their fathers are in the picture.

So with little help from those around you, how do you push forward? How do you wake up everyday and raise your daughters from girls to women?

A friend of mine asked me this question the other day how do I do it. Honestly as much as I complain how I do not have help, I really do get help when it comes to work. I may not have a baby sitter to go out most of the time, but I tell myself soon my time will come and I’ll able to have free time when the girls get older and I’ll be able to do more things. When they say it takes a village to raise a family it really does . When I wake up in the morning I pray that it will be a better day and God gives me the patience to be a better person.

If your daughters fathers were to read this article today, what would you want them to know?

If their fathers were to read this article the only thing I could say is enjoy them, love them and appreciate every moment you get with them. 

To the mothers that are in a similar situation as you, what words of truth do you give them to keep their heads up and continue to be wonderful mothers?

For the single mothers who are in the same situation - keep going be that mother for your babies because no one will do it for you. Be great in anything you can, never give up be as powerful as you can because when your little ones are not so little anymore they’re going to be able to look up at you and “say my mother did it all for me”. We know the struggle we know how hard it is to feel like your climbing for air and still nothing just never give up 

Road Trip to Durham, NC

Auy world I recently headed down to South Carolina to spend Thanksgiving with my family, but before heading to my second home I made a quick stop in Durham, NC. My overall mission for stopping in Durham was to surprise my best friend Kelsey Lynn, who moved to Durham in the beginning of 2016, to start her own Life Coaching business ([email protected]).

As I do so often/well I showed up at Kels front door unannounced (thats what best friends do) at 830 am where I began ring the door bell for literally an Hour and a half because she had no interest in seeing who was at the door (real friends, how many of us).

Luckily enough Kels boyfriend did me the honor of opening the door and let me in to complete my mission and bring happiness to another home. So after a few minutes of hugs, excitement and playing with new puppy I got the chance to explore Durham.

Going into Durham I thought I would experience an outdated and lost town, but boy was I wrong. Durham is actually the exact opposite, it was a town full of life and what felt like a judge free zone (especially in in the south). Here are some photo’s I captured during my 5 hour visit.

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