Last week I met up with Daniel Recinos (Founder of The Recinos Company) to photograph and film for Urban Eats Culinary Program; a free 12 week class designed to prepare low-income residents for employment in the food industry and the development of food-based businesses. 

The 12 week class, operated by Chef Raquel Rivera-Pablo (founder of A Pinch of Salt), consist of 9 students, throughout Bridgeport, CT, that learned different culinary techniques throughout the course and received a certificate of completion after passing the final exam. If you interested in applying for the Urban Eats spring course I have provided information below, but first…

A big thank you goes to The Council of Churches of Greater Bridgeport for opening their kitchen to the students who just graduated from aprons to chef coats last week and helping them check off another accomplishment off their list.

For more information or if you would like to sign up for Urban Eats for the spring classes please visit www.ccgb.org or www.apinchofsalt.com

Be sure to check out Urban Eats video by Daniel Recinos as well

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